An emission-free future in Hamburg

Sustainable, systematic and network-based charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in cities will be one of the biggest challenges in the Energiewende. The City of Hamburg is the pioneer in this area as the location of the largest German model project for charging infrastructure in residential buildings, commercial real estate or commercial areas (eg factory premises or company premises).

Digital Energy Solutions is partner of the city of Hamburg in the project ELBE (Elbe stands for electrification of buildings for electric vehicles) and supports Hamburg companies, operators and investors with its extensive experience in the construction and operation of charging infrastructure.

The opportunity to obtain substantial funding for the construction and operation of charging infrastructure in order to set up a critical mass of charging points distributed throughout the Hamburg city area is realized by the ELBE project through cooperation with the IFB Hamburg, which processes the funding applications.

Prerequisite for the subsidized establishment of the charging points is the connection of the load management with the distribution network operator in Hamburg, so that it can regulate (throttle) the current consumption in the case of short-term network-side demand. In this area too, Digital Energy Solutions can draw on a wealth of experience and thus contribute to security of supply in the Hamburg energy networks.

Overview of the ELBE Project


  • In Hamburg, up to 7,400 charging stations are to be set up

  • All charging stations should be network-serviceable and intelligently controlled


  • Between the distribution system operator and the charging station operators, intelligent IT regulates the network-compatible integration of the charging processes

  • This ensures the general security of supply

What is being funded?

Broad range of promotions
Four cost categories are funded, each with 40% (for SMEs up to 60%):

What is being funded?

How can you receive funding?

Who can apply?

  • Legal entities and partnerships with location (s) in Hamburg

  • Employer for employees

  • Companies, fleet operators for their own fleet

  • Company for their customer parking

  • Car park operators

  • Housing companies, project developers, etc. for their tenants in residential and commercial properties

What is to be considered?

  • Contractually regulated responsibility of an external operator

  • Consent that the network operator can regulate the current drain in the event of short-term grid-side demand (charging possible at any time)

  • Data collection on the loading process during the project period for the purpose of scientific accompanying research

An example calculation

You have the choice: purchase or lease

No matter whether you want to buy or lease the charging stations – in both cases there is support for you.

  • At your request, IFB Hamburg can grant you an investment subsidy from federal funds
  • Alternatively, you can obtain the services in the leasing via the company Alphabet Fuhrparkmanagement GmbH under subsidized conditions
An example calculation

Digital Energy Solutions is your partner for all matters within the project ELBE

All services from one source

Digital Energy Solutions offers all necessary services – from the initial consultation through the selection and installation of the charging hardware to the operation and billing of all charging processes from a single source. It is not easier for you!

Digital Energy Solutions is your partner for all matters within the project ELBE
  1. Advice on the planning of charging stations including an analysis of the available electrical power at the location

  2. Planning and implementation of structural engineering

  3. Selection, procurement, installation and commissioning of suitable hardware

  4. Service and Operations

  5. Billing services and user management

  6. Charge and load management

  7. Optional: Integration of battery storage or photovoltaic systems

How is it going for you now?

Take the first step and contact us. Everything else will be discussed during the initial consultation.

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Everything from a single source - complete solutions from the technology leader

At Digital Energy Solutions you have a contact person for all your questions about your individual charging solution – consulting, design, implementation, services. All solutions are modular and individually designed and therefore scalable at any time. With Digital Energy Solutions, you also have the best perspective to combine your energy management for electricity, heat and mobility in the future and to profit from synergy effects. You reduce your ecological footprint while optimizing your energy costs. Our NEXT THINGS FIRST philosophy delivers digital energy solutions that are always an idea ahead. This gives you the edge as a participant in the energy market of tomorrow, which will be complex, challenging and exciting.