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Digital Energy Solutions wins Green City tender for storage

In May 2018, Green City AG had called for tenders for a storage facility for their fixed-income bond Kraftwerkspark III with an investment volume of up to 2.0 million Euros. While many renowned providers participated in the tender, the contract was awarded to Munich-based Digital Energy Solutions, a joint venture of BMW Group and Viessmann Group. The partners are planning to implement a pioneering operational concept with the intention of building a large-scale storage facility with 2.19 MWh of capacity and 2 MW of power. The facility will consist of the same storage units used in the BMW i3: 52 lithium-ion car batteries will be connected in modular design to the Green City wind farm. For the first time ever, combined applications with wind turbines and storage systems will be implemented to enhance the integration of renewable energy into the Bavarian grid. The system will be used both for grid stabilization and the demand-driven feed-in of electricity from renewable energy.

Fluctuating renewable energy is required to work perfectly within systems and needs to be better integrated into interconnected electricity systems and networks if the share of renewables is to be increased. Storage systems are key in this context, especially for generating demand-driven electricity, network stabilization, reducing loss caused by curtailment and for the profitable operation of renewable energy assets in an increasingly flexible electricity market. “Digital Energy Solutions is the perfect partner, as we share a vision of accelerating the energy transition”, Frank Wolf, Board Member, Green City AG, is convinced.

The funding of the storage system comes from fixed-income bond proceeds for Kraftwerkspark III. The investment volume amounts to approximately 2.0 million Euros. “The future belongs to the combination of renewable energy and storage. Our project is meant to prove the profitable use of these key technologies”, says Wolf. The decisive factor for awarding the project to Digital Energy Solutions was not only the high technological quality of the system components including automotive batteries, but above all the innovative operational concept. “Our intention is the implementation of a technologically and economically viable reference solution for the market integration of storage systems. We are developing innovative concepts and smart control logic for this purpose”, says Gunnar Lantin, Project Manager for Digital Energy Solutions, underlining the company’s claim.

Energy storage: vitamin C for energy transition

Innovative management scenarios will be tested at the project site of a Green City wind farm in southern Germany, enabling the efficient operation of the storage system. The pilot project paves the way for combining fluctuating energy generation and storage systems for the mass market, creating a crucial factor for successful energy change. The focus is, inter alia, on the development of an IT platform for optimized operation of a storage system in combination with wind turbines.

Instead of operating the storage system with just one or a few features as usual, the interface between the network, storage system, generating plant and involved marketing partner of Digital Energy Solutions’ innovative operational concept enables the multimodal operation of the storage system. “The applications range from the provision of balancing energy, optimized spot market power sale to self-supply coverage and the avoidance of curtailment of the wind farm. Combining different application scenarios is complex and poses challenges in terms of control, market interfaces and regulatory requirements, but the potential is vast”, explains Lantin.

For the first time ever, Green City AG is implementing a large-scale storage facility as part of Kraftwerkspark III with more projects to follow in the future. “Together with Digital Energy Solutions we are putting in real pioneer work to take the energy transition to the next level”, says Frank Wolf. Kraftwerkspark III is a combination of solar, wind and hydropower systems in Europe with approximately 57 MW. The fixed-income bond with a return of 3.5 % and a term of nine years is open to investors until February 2019.


About Green City AG: creating cities with great quality of life
Green City is improving the quality of life in cities and communities by accelerating the energy and transport transition. Green City AG, a subsidiary of the non-profit environmental organization Green City e.V., substantially contributes to the resource-independent and climate-friendly supply of energy which is 100% based on renewable energy and drives the transition into the era of e-mobility. To make the energy and transport transition happen, the company is focused on the business units Renewables, Power, Finance, Drive and Experience. Green City AG was awarded many prizes for their high sustainability standards, including the European Solar Award 2017, the Sustainability Award, the TÜV seal “Energy Transition Pioneer”, the Energy Globe Award and the Best Community Award. Sustainability rating agency oekom research has granted Green City AG the prime status B+.
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About Digital Energy Solutions  
Since 2016, Digital Energy Solutions, a joint venture of BMW Group and Viessmann Group, has provided integrated solutions for sustainable and cross-sector energy management in electricity, heat and mobility with the aim to offer customers the optimum in sustainability, security of supply and energy efficiency. Digital Energy Solutions analyzes the energy systems of customers and identifies potentials for optimization in terms of energy generation, demand and consumption. Building on this analysis, Digital Energy Solutions provides a comprehensive energy portfolio including complementary energy market products for energy transition hardware, e.g. battery storage devices, heat pumps, photovoltaic systems and charging solutions, and empowers companies to act as stakeholders in the future electricity market.


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