A success story in sector coupling

LAGO A3 is a specialist for the sustainable development of the urgently required logistics infrastructure in the booming Regensburg region. The company asked Digital Energy Solutions for support in implementing cutting-edge energy management solutions. Initially, LAGO A3 selected a photovoltaic system from the broad range of Digital Energy Solutions’ electricity-based products and services and entrusted us with performing direct marketing activities. Another plant is currently in the final stage of construction and will be connected to the network shortly. This creates an efficient, smart and sustainable source of energy on more than 35,000 m2 of roof space – and is the first significant step on the way to becoming a premium site providing sustainable energy services.

"We want to prove that photovoltaic systems are not just static installations, but – in addition to ensuring environmental sustainability – provide added value in operational processes and create a cost advantage. Teaming up with Digital Energy Solutions not only increases efficiency and profitability – we’ve also gained a competitive edge based on the company’s high level of expertise."

Alfons Viehbacher, Managing Director, LAGO A3

Overview of the LAGO A3 project

  • Installation and initial operation: at the Regensburg site in 2018

  • Sustainable generation of energy in commercial properties

  • Use of high-performance photovoltaic modules with a total capacity of 749.7 kWp

  • Direct marketing activities for self-generated electricity are performed entirely by Digital Energy Solutions

  • Fair and transparent compensation for electricity which is fed into the network based on the hourly market price for electricity

Sustainable generation of energy for commercial customers

Alfons Viehbacher, Managing Director at LAGO A3, is focused on the sustainable development of an urgently required logistics infrastructure in the Regensburg region.

Modules as far as the eye can see

750 kWp of total output are installed on the roof of a commercial building, as some modules come together. 2499 it is exactly. The extension of the system has already been initiated.

Technology meets sustainability.

Huawei inverters were installed as part of the project to convert the direct current of the photovoltaic modules into alternating current.

Production and consumption are close together

The tenants of the commercial buildings will also be parts of the future users of the self-generated electricity and thus sustainably improve their carbon footprint.

More detailed project information

  • Detailed report

    Thanks to its location on the river Danube and other ancient trade routes, the Free Imperial City of Regensburg was an important medieval trading center, but fell into a long slumber with the onset of modern times. Shortly after waking up from its sleep at the end of last century, the city is regaining its top form at breathtaking pace. The city’s direct location on main roads is an unbeatable advantage: within sight of the A3 motorway – since the fall of the Iron Curtain an important European transport route – Regensburg’s economy has developed rapidly. With 400 transport, forwarding and logistics companies, an exceptionally high proportion of businesses are in logistics. LAGO A3 is meeting the challenges associated with the expansion of a sustainable infrastructure since 2013.

    Smart energy systems for sustainable cost control

    A logistics facility with a total rental space of almost 40,000 m2 was built on an area of about 80,000 m2 in the eastern part of the city. This space is fully rented out: one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers, a transport and logistics specialist, a global engineering company and another specialist in the global automotive supplier industry have settled there. LAGO A3 provides perfect conditions: a modern environment, flexibility and short distances. Close to their large production sites where these companies employ several thousands of people, the global players are outsourcing parts of their highly sensitive manufacturing processes with a high energy requirements (just-in-sequence). Smart energy systems were installed in all properties and Digital Energy Solutions started planning and implementing the systems in mid-2017.

    Getting started with a photovoltaic system featuring a capacity of 750 kWp

    The photovoltaic system is based on highly efficient Vitovolt 300 modules from Viessmann with a total capacity of 749.7 kWp. The elevated south-facing flat roof system currently feeds 100 percent into the public electricity network. However, the plan is to transform the plant to a self-consumption facility with energy consumed by the tenants of the hall. 2,499 modules with a capacity of 300 Watt each and Huawei inverters have been installed so far. Another logistics facility will be operating shortly.

    Profitable direct marketing

    As the direct marketing of self-generated electricity for photovoltaic systems with a capacity of more than 100 kWp was set out in the Renewable Energy Directive (EEG) in 2016, LAGO A3 decided to assign the complex handling of direct marketing activities to Digital Energy Solutions’ experts. After all, the feed-in tariff for photovoltaic systems amounts to 8.91ct/kWh, but is increased to up to 11.09ct/kWh through direct marketing activities in accordance with the so-called “market premium model”. This fair, transparent and simple compensation model offers even more benefits for LAGO A3: the market value of electricity is paid 1:1, handling costs are billed, but the location factor is not included in the direct marketing costs, nor is the risk arising from the projected proportion of self-consumption. LAGO A3 is not only planning to transform the photovoltaic system to tenant self-consumption, use Digital Energy Solutions’ Energy Monitor for visualization and test storage solutions, but also intends to integrate exciting e-mobility solutions into the company’s current business model.

  • Interview with Alfons Viehbacher, Managing Director LAGO A3

    “We’ve gained a crucial competitive edge“

    We talked about the next project stages with Alfons Viehbacher, Managing Director and one of three partners of LAGO A3, who has been successful in the development and operation of logistics properties for more than 20 years.

    Digital Energy Solutions: “Value Added Services“ is highlighted on your website – what exactly does this mean?

    Alfons Viehbacher: The sustainable construction of our logistics buildings has achieved a perfect energy balance and is reflected in the reduction of additional costs. Our tenants have a strong interest in improving their carbon footprint, but still be profitable. LAGO A3 provides supreme customized solutions, but we are at the limit of what we can achieve by adding capacity. Now, it’s all about the implementation of sector coupling based on smart software. We have reached a level where increasing efficiency can only be achieved by strict control.

    Digital Energy Solutions: You’ve already ordered Digital Energy Solutions‘ Energy Monitor – what benefits do you expect?

    Alfons Viehbacher: Our customers consume a certain amount of energy which is basically always the same. In future, they will be able to decide when they want to use self-generated electricity, i.e., for charging forklift trucks at more favorable conditions – and enhance their cost-efficiency. Energy Monitor enables them to visualize energy consumption data from buildings and manufacturing. We are consequently able to run an integrated, dynamic load management system for loading electric vehicles in conjunction with residual electricity consumption at connected sites. We and especially our tenants will save money, time and effort.

    Digital Energy Solutions: What progress have you made in implementing next steps?

    Alfons Viehbacher: We are currently examining how we can efficiently provide self-generated electricity for charging e-shuttles, forklift trucks and other electricity-consuming appliances based on storage solutions at night. We are discussing this plan with one of our main tenants to increase the share of electricity we are generating. In collaboration with Digital Energy Solutions we are working on a customized and flexible solution.

    Digital Energy Solutions: What is your experience in collaborating with Digital Energy Solutions?

    Alfons Viehbacher: We want to prove that photovoltaic systems are not just static installations, but – in addition to environmental sustainability – provide added value in operational processes and create a cost advantage. Teaming up with Digital Energy Solutions not only increases efficiency and profitability – we’ve also gained a competitive edge based on the company’s high level of expertise. For this reason, we’ve decided to install another efficient and smart photovoltaic system in the second hall with a roof space of about 20,000 m2. More projects are being planned and will be implemented next year.

    Digital Energy Solutions: Thank you very much for the interview!

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