Are you planning on building or expanding your charging infrastructure? We are your perfect partner for delivering hardware, software and services from a single source.

If you are a car dealer selling e-cars or plug-in hybrids, the perfect charging infrastructure is fundamental. Where is the best place for installing charging hardware – your service station, car delivery station or is it better to offer public charging stations? What charging capacity should be offered? How will the solution affect your company’s overall energy system?

Digital Energy Solutions provides answers to all these questions – delivering hardware, software and services from a single source. From planning and consultation, installation and implementation to billing and operation. Focused on the consultative perspective of efficiently managing your energy requirements.

Benefits of a modern charging infrastructure and storage solutions

Benefits of a modern charging infrastructure and storage solutions
  1. Consultation and onsite check for implementing the new charging infrastructure

  2. Optimize operations in the service station or car delivery station, for instance, discharging and charging during battery tests

  3. Enable fast and convenient charging with smart, green electricity in the customer car park

  4. Ensure the future viability of the overall energy system, for instance, by upgrading the self-generation of energy with photovoltaics systems

  5. Reduce total costs by decreasing the network connection capacity or preventing network expansion

  6. Optionally add storage solutions to increase the charging convenience and reduce network connection capacity

If you wish to build or expand your charging infrastructure, we will first take an integrated look at your site(s) under consideration of your energy system. We will be discussing your requirements and ideas, identify the perfect charging hardware and plan the installation of the hardware during our initial consultation meeting and onsite check. All components included in our quote are modular, enabling you to complete parts of the work yourself: your electricians may, for instance, perform all the cabling from the distribution boards to the sites where the charging hardware will be installed. We place great emphasis on the fact that investment and operating costs are as low as possible and your charging infrastructure is easily extensible. All charging transactions will be reflected on a transparent monthly statement to ensure you get an overview of all operating costs.

Due to the growing number of charging transactions, we expect an increase in overall energy demand. In addition, costly peak loads may arise due to simultaneous charging transactions at several charging stations. A modern charging infrastructure enabling smart and dynamic load management will optimize currently available connection capacities. The combination of your charging infrastructure with storage solutions from Digital Energy Solutions will drastically reduce the increase of your electricity costs (compare sample calculation below).

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Cost reductions thanks to storage solutions – sample calculation

  • Sample calculation for a mid-sized car dealer

    Sample calculation for a mid-sized car dealer

    A car dealer expects an increase in sales by 100 e-cars and 50 plug-in hybrids per year respectively over the next few years. Consequently, the number of charging transactions in the car delivery station (+150), the car service station (+500) and of demonstration vehicles  (+700) will increase simultaneously. The effects on energy costs are reflected as “future electricity costs due to higher charging volumes” in the center column. Especially the higher performance peak results in additional costs given the price of 100 Euros/kW/annum. Using a customized battery system can compensate these additional annual costs.

    Amortization calculations:
    1. The costs for the storage solution in this example amount to approx. 40,000 Euros. Just by saving on electricity costs, the system would be amortized after eight years of operation.
    2. The storage solution in this example even prevents the otherwise necessary expansion of the network connection capacity. This reduces the amortization period to less than three years.