A good service starts in the parking lot - with our charging solutions for hotel operators, restaurants or tourism providers.

Charging infrastructure not only allows your guests to recharge their electric cars. By supporting sustainable mobility with state-of-the-art hardware and intelligent services, you gain a head start and competitive advantage over the competition without charging infrastructure. In addition, you are already reaching the growing target group of electric car drivers and position yourself as a sustainable and forward-looking company towards non-electric drivers.

If you want to go one step further, we will enable you to publicize your charging infrastructure. This gives you reach and marketing support, as your hotel or gastronomy business appears as a point of interest in the portals of the charging networks and on mobile apps. By the way, you also earn money with every charge and can refinance the investment faster.

The advantages of modern charging infrastructure - expandable with photovoltaic and storage solutions

The advantages of modern charging infrastructure - expandable with photovoltaic and storage solutions
  1. Consultation and on-site check to set up the new charging infrastructure

  2. Fast and comfortable charging with smart, green electricity for your guests, employees and third parties (if you place your charging infrastructure in public) in your car park

  3. Future-proof energy system, e.g. for retrofitting of energy self-generation with photovoltaic

  4. Reduce overall costs by reducing grid power or avoiding grid expansion

  5. Optional addition of a storage solution to increase charging convenience and reduction of grid connection capacity

Take advantage of our all-in-one-service

After an in-depth consultation and an on-site check, we will determine the appropriate charging hardware together with you. The installation is planned and carried out. During commissioning you will receive a detailed introduction to the overall system. During operation, you receive a clear monthly statement of all charges that have been carried out by your guests, yourself and, if applicable, your employees and third parties, when you publicly place your charging infrastructure. All of the aforementioned services including the charging hardware are also available in the leasing model.

When the charging infrastructure is connected to the hotel or business power supply, our backend-based load management ensures that the grid connection capacity can also be used for convenient, fast charging. In this case, load management determines the maximum possible charging power dynamically and provides that at the charging stations. If the power consumption in the hotel decreases, the maximum power for the charging points is increased – and vice versa. This is how dynamic load management works today – digital, networked and efficient.

At the same time, dynamic load management also ensures that no expensive load peaks are caused by uncoordinated charging processes of electric vehicles and result in high costs in terms of power consumption and grid connection.

Our hardware products for loading, storing and producing

Business & Fleet Services

Business & Fleet Services

Charging for employees, visitors and customers

Digital Energy Solutions has the right hardware in its range for all charging solutions. Depending on the place of installation and available space, we can supply charging stations with a wide range of power ratings. All hardware has been tested and certified. We will be happy to clarify with you in a detailed and non-binding consultation which charging hardware best suits you and can be used at your location. In the following you will find our offer as an overview.
Fast DC charging on the company site

Fast DC charging on the company site

The perfect charging experience for employees, visitors and customers

  • 360° approach: all services, from consultation, installation and implementation to maintenance and services from a single source
  • Powerful DC charging station
  • Ideal for sites with high fluctuation numbers and short standstill periods
  • Transparent monthly billing including all charging transactions that have taken place on the company site
  • Dynamic load management prevents costly peak loads caused by uncoordinated charging transactions
  • DC charging for e-cars only, not for hybrid vehicles