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Quality, innovation and sustainability will set your project apart and create high quality and commercially successful properties where people love to live. However, the requirements of the people who live, work and shop in your properties are changing fast. The focus is shifting towards smart mobility and energy concepts – facts that may evolve into your unique selling proposition. We are bundling our expertise and experience in these areas by offering integrated energy and mobility solution concepts for the development and subsequent operation of your property – all from a single source.


Our services in detail

  • AlphaCity – innovative residential carsharing

    AlphaCity – innovative residential carsharing

    This station-based carsharing model is a simple mobility solution for the residents of your property and visitors, reducing the number of parking spaces.

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  • ParkNow – digital park service

    ParkNow – digital park service

    Property visitors benefit from cashless, ticketless and hassle-free parking – in public car parks and on private and public parking grounds in your property.

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  • Digital Energy Solutions – smart energy and charging solutions

    Digital Energy Solutions – smart energy and charging solutions

    The solutions portfolio provided by Digital Energy Solutions is focused on developing your customized charging infrastructure, the ongoing management and optimization of charging solutions and the integration into your overall energy system including the generation of energy and storage solutions.

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  • ChargeNow – public charging network

    ChargeNow – public charging network

    Integration of your charging stations in your property into ChargeNow, the global network of public charging stations to ensure external parties find your charging stations, more visitors are attracted and utilization is increased.

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