Our charging solution for company car drivers

With a charging station at home, your company car drivers not only save CO2, but also the trip to the filling station. You as a fleet manager benefit from an environmentally friendly solution and are already part of tomorrow’s mobility world today.

Our main range of services

Charging stations and supplies

Through many years of experience and know-how we offer you the right hardware for your company car drivers

  • Secure AC charging stations for the private room
  • Matching accessories for easy installation and user-friendliness

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  • Germany-wide installation services
  • Inter-site coordination
  • Preconfigured hardware
  • Trained and experienced installers
  • Commissioning according to DIN specifications
  • Reporting according to LSV and TAR-NS
  • Backend connection

Connected Charging @Home

CPO Management

  • Backend connection via GSM
  • Management of authentication media & access authorizations
  • Management and invoicing of home loading operations to the employer
  • Reimbursement of electricity costs for charging the company car at the home charging station

Access to the loading portal

  • Transparency of availability and use
  • Energy Transparency
  • Load data (CDR)
  • Remote Start/Stop


  • One contact for all topics
  • One service number for your company car drivers in all areas (company, home, on the road)
  • Three-stage service concept up to the manufacturer of your loading equipment
  • Fast response times
  • Coordination of service calls
  • Remote monitoring of charging stations

Our Add-Ons

Add-On Maintenance

  • Annual regular maintenance with special equipment according to DGUV 3 and DIN VDE
  • During the year RCD check according to DGUV 3
  • Charging process simulation
  • Germany-wide network of service providers
  • Trained and experienced technicians

Add-On Drive

  • Charge with only one card at your locations and in public
  • Benefit from one of the largest shop networks with attractive conditions
  • We take over the billing to the individual charging station operators
  • Simple and transparent invoicing for your company cars

Add-On Private

  • We activate your home charging station for charging private vehicles
  • Private loading processes are not reimbursed
  • Use your own RFID media (such as key cards) for authentication at the charging station
  • Alternatively, we provide you with an identification medium for private use

Add-On Green

  • Reduce the CO2 emissions of your fleet through green power
  • Our in-house electricity purchasing department provides the charging current quantities at your charging stations with green certificates of origin
  • They charge CO2 neutral electricity according to the requirements of Art. 15 of the EU Directive 2009/28/EC