Stay mobile and efficient with Digital Energy Solutions’ customized solutions.

Digital Energy Solutions‘ smart charging solutions make electromobility highly attractive for businesses, employees and customers. Driving electric vehicles not only reduces the ecological footprint but, in combination with smart load management, also optimizes energy costs. Our consulting services and long-term planning strategy will ultimately minimize your investments and operating costs.

The complete range covers all steps, from consultation to implementation and maintenance of charging infrastructure as well as billing of all charging transactions. In addition to charging systems for your company location, Digital Energy Solutions’ portfolio includes home charging solutions for employees and charging stations that can be operated publicly.

Each solution is individually crafted and customized to meet your specific requirements. That’s why every project starts with a detailed technical and strategic consultation and an analysis of the installation site – the company location, the employee’s home or public sites. In addition to a unique multiple-partner experience, you will benefit from a competence network which is unique in the marketplace and uses only tried and tested components.


Key aspects to planning your charging solution

  • AC or DC charging? What’s best for my company location?

    DC (direct current) charging stations basically provide much higher charging capacity, for a faster charging speed than AC charging stations using alternating current. However, not all electric vehicles are equipped with DC quick charge capability, and in many cases, vehicle charging times make investments in the more expensive DC charging technology redundant.

    Our Product Program


  • Range and charging times

    How far do I get with one hour of charging time? Or, how long does it take to charge a range of 100 km? The answer depends on how much electricity is transferred, i.e., the interaction between the vehicle and charging station. We have put together some key figures for your orientation.



  • Connection capacity at the company location

    When installing multiple charging devices at your company location, the maximum network connection capacity quickly turns into a bottleneck. Especially when fast-charging stations or a large number of charging points are used, you are quickly faced with significantly reduced capacity, so you can either give up on convenience or accept high costs. Smart load management can avoid this problem by paying attention to the company location and saving costs by avoiding peaks. Digital Energy Solutions provides a backend-based, cross-vendor load management system by making your network connection point a part of the capacity control of your charging infrastructure.

    The web-based Energy Monitor software allows you to install a flexible, smart and self-learning system that incorporates your charging solution into your company’s integral energy management strategy. We will be happy to show you how to get the best results for your requirements,circumstances and ideas through smart load management.

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  • User profiles


    Are you planning to establish a charging infrastructure at your company location? Do you want to enable your employees to charge at home? Or, do you want to offer your charging point for public use? Together, we will identify the most appropriate solution for you and your employees. For that purpose, we not only analyze your usage profile, key figures and billing requirements, but also consider aspects like the effect on your company image, or employee satisfaction. To select the best charging system, the following data are crucial:
    – what kind of vehicles need to be charged?
    – how fast and when do vehicles need to be charged?
    – are you planning to expand the electric vehicle fleet over the next years?
    – are there other potential users of charging points in the surrounding area?
    – what options does your current infrastructure at the company location offer and do you have building plans?

    We will advise you thoroughly on what hardware to select, how to integrate electromobility into your corporate processes, and we will inform you about associated services appropriate to your location.

  • Leasing a charging infrastructure

    Many electric vehicles, especially in fleets, are leased. You can now lease the charging infrastructure required for the electric vehicles and all associated installation services from Digital Energy Solutions. You can either conclude a leasing contract for the electric vehicle or a separate leasing contract if you have already used an electric vehicle. The leasing contract will be concluded with our fleet solution partner Alphabet Fuhrparkmanagement GmbH.

    If you also want to give your employees the opportunity to charge their electric vehicles at home, these charging transactions will be billed together with the monthly lease bill.

Our charging hardware

See what hardware best fits your requirements and circumstances. We select the perfect hardware from our portfolio of tested and certified hardware components: charging stations or lamp post chargers for private, public or semi-public use as well as cross-vendor AC and DC charging devices.

Get it all from a single source – integral solutions from a technology leader

Digital Energy Solutions is your contact for any questions about customized charging solutions – from consultation and design to implementation and services. All solutions are modular and individually designed to allow scaling at any time. Digital Energy Solutions provides the best of both worlds: combining your energy management efforts for electricity, heat and mobility and benefiting from synergy effects. Your ecological footprint will be reduced and energy costs optimized. Our NEXT THINGS FIRST philosophy aims for digital energy solutions which are always one idea ahead of the rest. This philosophy gives you a competitive edge and enables you to act as a stakeholder in the future energy market – which is going to be a complex, challenging and exciting market.

Electrify your fleet

Most daily trips to work and back can be made in vehicles which are fully powered by electricity. Lately, ranges of up to 300 km have become a lot more common.

Do you want to know whether using electric vehicles in your company is profitable and what scenarios are available? In that case, please get in touch with our partner Alphabet Fuhrparkmanagement GmbH.

Alphabet is the leading provider for the electrification of company fleets in Germany. They support the implementation of electric vehicles from A to Z. With seven offices all over Germany, you will definitely find a contact in your area.