On the road to the most electric society.

The energy transition is receiving unequal acceptance in the different sectors and progressing at different speeds. While a significant amount of electricity, about 31 percent, is generated from renewable energies, the figure for the amount of heat produced from renewable energies is approx. 13 percent and about 5 percent for mobility (source: German Federal Environmental Agency). Digital Energy Solutions has set its sights on increasing these numbers going forward. By combining the sectors of electricity, heat and mobility and by creating solutions, so that businesses and the public sector will benefit from innovative synergies. As a result, green energy is getting smart, more commercially attractive, and acts as safeguard for the supply of energy and the reliability of networks.

Digital Energy Solutions is drawing on cross-sector product expertise. Our know-how is provided by our founding partners, BMW and Viessmann, and more than 60 employees and experts working at our Munich, Berlin and Cologone locations. Today we are a wholly owned subsidary of the Viessmann Group. We provide one-stop solutions and combine smart software and IT systems with customized hardware for all sectors and vendors.

Join Digital Energy Solutions in taking the next step of energy management and energy supply. After all, industries, enterprises and the public sector alike are currently facing the challenges of energy transition. Locally. Regionally. Nationally. Industry-specific and across all disciplines. Due to the growing share of renewable energies, consumption must be adapted to match the supply – not the other way round, as is the case today. That is why we need comprehensive data and spot-on forecasts, energy trading, and a greater degree of independence due to the decentralized generation and storage of energy.

Our products and solution competencies

Digital Energy Solutions and their partners and expert teams are merging their product and solution competencies across all energy sectors. Based on our portfolio of consulting services, software solutions and hardware, we take a customized approach to specifically address your requirements. Our portfolio in the categories digital energy supply, charging- and storage-solutions, energy production  and electricity products are consistently evolving.