Complement your business model with electricity-based products and services.

Sector coupling and digitalization are changing entire industries and their business models. The result is an unprecedented momentum offering many opportunities for new market entrants. You can now benefit from supplying clean and affordable electricity products that fit your customers’ needs. Digital Energy Solutions enables you to expand your business model with complementary electricity products and to develop your role as an independent electricity supplier.

Overview of our cooperation models:

  • Individual sales partnership

    Benefit from your sales strength and our brand: take advantage of our attractive commissioning models and offer your workforce or selected group of customers campaign benefits for attractive and inexpensive green electricity from Digital Energy Solutions.

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  • Powered by Digital Energy Solutions: co-branding

    The co-branding model is based on the dominance of your brand identity and your product development requirements. You will sell green electricity to end consumers under your own brand while Digital Energy Solutions will be your customers’ contract partner and remain responsible for the entire process. In addition, Digital Energy Solutions will bear all risks and ensure compliance with the legal provisions for energy supply. The co-branding model qualifies you for a low-risk entry into the energy market and strengthens your business model by allowing you to establish your own electricity brand.

    Individual Consultation

  • White label solution

    This white label model allows you to become a provider of green electricity and act as your customers’ contractual partner. Digital Energy Solutions empowers you to position yourself as an independent energy supplier. We will handle your entire energy supply process (or parts of the process, if better for your business model) while otherwise remaining invisible. Digital Energy Solutions will develop customized solutions for product websites, customer portals and we pro-vide required hardware, service and billing solutions and support you across all stages of the added-value chain for your electricity product.

    Individual Consultation

How you will benefit from collaborating with Digital Energy Solutions

  • Attractive remuneration models

  • Flexible branding and in-depth added value

  • Agile product development

  • Broad range of competencies, from spot tariffs to community models

  • Low setup costs and faster time-to-market

  • Sector coupling solutions and broad industry experience

Customized solutions for different industries

The energy transition is currently taking place in many industries and electricity solutions are suddenly becoming relevant for new product offerings or customer relationships. Digital Energy Solutions develops product solutions and refines competences to meet your industry-specific requirements.

Our industry competence

  • Heating industry

  • Automotive industry

  • Housing and real estate industry

  • Telecommunications and internet providers

  • Smart home markets

  • Project developers, operators of energy generation systems

  • Chain stores

Examples of co-branding with our cooperation partners

Stiebel Eltron Umwelt Strom Plus

Stiebel Eltron Umwelt Strom Plus

STIEBEL ELTRON is a provider of renewable heating systems and electric hot water production. The company’s UmweltStromPlus product combines electricity from German renewable sources with a state-of-the-art heating product. STIEBEL ELTRON’s customers operate their heat pumps or storage heaters with green electricity which they obtain at attractive prices and customer-friendly contract terms.

Digital Energy Solutions‘ services Establishment of an electricity brand through co-branding | Electricity for heating with online change | More complex pricing with tax benefits for all types of measuring | Electricity supply

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ViShare – Viessmann’s Prosumer Energy Community

ViShare – Viessmann’s Prosumer Energy Community

Viessmann is a provider of reliable energy systems for efficient electricity and heat generation, storage, and smart consumption, e.g. for photovoltaics, electricity storage, heat pumps and energy management. Together with Digital Energy Solutions as the customer’s contractual partner, Viessmann has established the ViShare Energy Community. Enabling private energy prosumers to actively support the energy transition, making the descision for a private energy system as easy and reliable as possible.

Services provided by Digital Energy Solutions:
Co-branded household and heating tariffs | Integration of energy monitoring system | Assignment of EEG remuneration | Electricity supply at a fixed monthly rate (flat rate)

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Complex and smart electricity products

In addition to our online-based standard products, we offer innovative tariff solutions. Smart electricity products will in the future go beyond energy generation and selling. As requirements change, the type of energy usage (e.g. for heat or mobility) and the customer’s flexible usage behavior will play a key role in providing smart and complex products and services. Take a look at our competences to see what different types of electricity products we offer.