Our electricity is not only clean. Above all, it is flexible to meet your requirements.

The progress of energy transition and the coupling of sectors are changing the role of electricity products: they are becoming the link between energy production and consumption in communities, they complement energy transition hardware, e.g. as electricity for heating or driving, and they permit discounts on the use of solar electricity generated in multi-family houses, based on tenant electricity models. We supply complex and customized online-based green electricity products ranging from household electricity for consumers to spot market-indexed tariffs for load profiled key accounts. We develop these products and other additional services according to our partners’ requirements, their business models and in line with their brand image.


Overview of our electricity tariffs

  • Household and commercial electricity – optimized standards

    Household and commercial electricity tariffs are part of our online-based standard electricity products. These tariffs offer attractive conditions based on automated processes.

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  • From electricity for heating to the Index Spot Tariff – complex and smart electricity products

    Electricity for heating or mobile electricity for use at home and on the road just show how much the requirements of the new energy market are changing and are a good example of our expertise in the development of even more complex products. By providing smart products we are getting ready for the market of the future – a market where flexibility will be the new currency. One example is our index tariff for load profiled customers: they benefit especially from fluctuating market prices.

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  • Energy transition in multi-family houses and entire blocks – tenant electricity supply models

    We use the regulatory framework of the Tenant Electricity Law in tenant electricity models to intelli-gently connect the generation and consumption of electricity in multi-family houses and entire blocks. The housing industry benefits from this model because it helps increase the value of real estate. Tenants appreciate the supply of inexpensive electricity from photovoltaic systems on the roof or block heat and power plants in the basement.

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  • Prosumer electricity in communities

    Community concepts like Viessmann Energy Community combine the decentralized generation of renewable energies with the consumption of energy in electricity communities. It is for this purpose that we forecast the electricity generated, stored and consumed by each household, to ensure meter-ing point operation and feed-in remuneration pursuant to the Renewable Energy Law and to inte-grate payment flows into a fixed community rate equivalent (flat rate).

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  • From billing to logistics – our services for the new electricity market

    Whether you want to extend your business model to integrate electricity supply or marketing products, or to enhance your product and hardware solutions with energy services, or whether you need data analyses for energy distribution: we are your partner for solutions for tomorrow’s energy market. Digital Energy Solutions offers a broad range of products and services – way beyond the mere supply of electricity.

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Energy Monitor

Energy Monitor ensures the transparency of your energy supply. You will get an overview of the entire load history and will be able to keep track of your energy consumption in real time. This will make you attractive to energy providers who are in a position to make suitable offers. At the same time, you will be able to identify any potential for further optimizing your energy consumption.