Flexibility is the new currency in the future energy market.

There are many terms describing the transformation of the energy industry: generator transition, electricity transition, mobility transition, heat transition, efficiency transition, or technology transition. Energy transition is the collective term which sums up all of these sub-movements into a single complex process. One thing is for sure: decentralized and sustainable energy supply systems will fundamentally change the industry and its business models. In their wake, energy flexibility will be the new currency in the energy system.

The amount of energy you consume will no longer matter. Depending on the energy market’s “performance of the day”, you will either have to pay for one kilowatt hour or earn money. The way you generate, store or buy energy will be crucial. It will also be essential when you consume energy and how flexible you are in planning and adjusting your consumption – and the marketing opportunities you are using to perform like an agile stakeholder in the energy market.

Smart IT systems and complex software solutions will be the only way to get your energy management ready for the volatile energy market of the future. Digital Energy Solutions is your partner for digitalizing your energy supply and implementing application solutions when it comes to the question of how to integrate the energy sectors of electricity, heat and mobility and develop long-term strategies for the interaction between supply and demand.

Our products and solution competencies

Digital Energy Solutions and their partners and expert teams are merging their product and solution competencies across all energy sectors. Based on our portfolio of consulting services, software solutions and hardware, we take a customized approach to specifically address your requirements. Our portfolio in the categories digital energy supply, charging- and storage-solutions, energy production  and electricity products are consistently evolving.