Prevent charging from becoming a burden: smart load management instead of static reduction.

The more charging devices you plan to install at one location, the faster the network connection capacity will turn into a bottleneck, decreasing charging convenience. Digital Energy Solutions‘ load management system offers two simple and vital benefits:

1. You can always get the most out of the capacity available at your charging points and increase the convenience and attractiveness of your charging offer by having faster charging times.

2. You will benefit from cost savings by avoiding peak loads and remaining below the maximum limit of the network connection capacity.

Digital Energy Solutions’ load management for charging infrastructures is available starting at 5 Euros per month and charging device.

Key benefits of load management

  • Avoiding peak loads

    Smart load management saves money and ensures short charging times. Digital Energy Solutions’ smart load management enables you to get the maximum use out of your charging infrastructure and to avoid unnecessary costs, regardless of manufacturer or current capacity requirements. Unlike other systems, Digital Energy Solutions’ load management requires no additional investments in hardware and you can add on any number of charging points at any time. Depending on the user profile and capacity limitation due to different sub-distributions, the charging points can be clustered anywhere, independently of the installation site.


  • Maximizing charging convenience

    Charging speed is most likely the key factor in convenience. Digital Energy Solutions‘ various charging solutions differ in terms of plugs, current intensity, current type (DC or AC current)and capacity. Vehicle models are equipped with different charging technologies and have only limited capacity at their network connection point.

    Smart load management enables you to fully utilize your charging points and always make the most of limited capacity at network connection points. Energy Monitor and the integrated load management system avoid the static reduction of charging point capacity. In addition, you will be able to effectively use the connection capacity across all charging points, regardless of the vehicle types (single phase or three phase chargers) being charged at the same time. In this process, the charging capacity is automatically distributed equally across all charging points. In addition, you will have the freedom to create customized charging plans if the maximum capacity of your charging cluster is exceeded. You may, for instance, specify for newly arriving vehicles to be charged at reduced capacity (first in) or for the charging capacity to be equally reduced across all points.

    Scenario 01 The specified capacity for three electric vehicles is not exceeded so that the charging capacity is not limited. The maximum capacity (29.4 kW) would be exceeded by a fourth vehicle with a potential charging capacity of 11 kW.


    Scenario 02 – EQUAL Digital Energy Solutions’ smart load management is reducing the capacity of all charging stations by 18% to distribute the maximum capacity equally across all four electric vehicles.


    Scenario 03 – FIRST IN To avoid exceeding the maximum capacity, the charging capacity of the last vehicle is reduced (by 50% to 5.5 kW). All other vehicles continue to charge with maximum capacity.


  • Dynamic load management

    If your charging infrastructure is linked to the network connection of your company building or production facilities, you may use higher charging capacities for your charging points via the network connection point. Digital Energy Solutions’ load management system dynamically identifies the maximum charging capacity and makes it available to the charging points. If electricity consumption in the building or production facilities decreases, the maximum capacity for the charging point cluster will be increased. This load management represents the most efficient use of all your energy resources. What you will need is a smart electricity meter and Digital Energy Solutions’ energy management software, Energy Monitor.

Benefits at a glance

  • Manufacturer-independent (active control, for instance, Schneider and Eluminocity)

  • No additional hardware costs

  • Clustering independent of the installation site

  • Unlimited scalability

  • Dynamic maximum limit through the integration of smart meter data at the network connection point

Who benefits from load management? Which capacity is required to obtain useful results?

There are two arguments in favor of load management: a technical necessity due to limited connection capacity and cost minimization during operation by avoiding peak loads. The point here is to avoid excessively high network rates resulting from the highest capacity peak in the year and location-dependent price. These occur when the charging infrastructure is required for additional use during high peak loads.

Allocations where the connection capacity is at times critical even prior to the installation of a charging infrastructure should be equipped with a dynamic load management system once the first charging point has been installed. The integration of a smart meter into the network connection point reduces the charging capacity in cases where consumption at the location is extremely high. At all other times, you will benefit from faster charging times.

Even though the connection capacity is no problem, load management is frequently more efficient after the first charging point has been installed. To make a final statement about efficiency, we need to analyze your electricity load profile compared to the intended use of the charging infrastructure. Digital Energy Solutions’ load management is available starting at 5 Euros per month and charging device.

Operation and billing

Digital Energy Solutions ensures the easy and convenient operation of charging solutions and provides smart software to simplify management. Networking your charging infrastructure provides many benefits, for instance, remote services, software updates, tariff management, or the billing of all charging transactions. Setting up and operating the home charging solutions makes electric vehicles easily accessible and attractive for you and your employees.

Get it all from a single source – integral solutions from a technology leader

Digital Energy Solutions is your contact for any questions about customized charging solutions – from consultation and design to implementation and services. All solutions are modular and individually designed to allow scaling at any time. Digital Energy Solutions provides the best of both worlds: combining your energy management efforts for electricity, heat and mobility and benefiting from synergy effects. Your ecological footprint will be reduced and energy costs optimized. Our NEXT THINGS FIRST philosophy aims for digital energy solutions which are always one idea ahead of the rest. This philosophy gives you a competitive edge and enables you to act as a stakeholder in the future energy market – which is going to be a complex, challenging and exciting market.