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Battery storage especially profitable for Hamburg companies

Digital Energy Solutions promotes 40% of the investment in storage technology and controls its economic management.

  • In the ELBE project, the City of Hamburg is promoting intelligent charging infrastructure and the use of storage systems
  • Intelligent integration and steering creates additional cost advantages for companies
  • Up to 40% discount on the investment of storage system and charging infrastructure


Munich/Berlin, 03 March 2020


In 2020, the use of battery storage systems will pay off for companies in Hamburg in several ways: if a company operates its own charging infrastructure, a storage system can be used to save peak loads and avoid network expansion costs. In combination with a photovoltaic system, the degree of self-sufficiency and thus independence from rising electricity prices can be increased.

In addition to the hardware, the intelligent, active management of the storage is the basis for efficient operation. It allows optimal time frames for loading and unloading to be determined dynamically and increases the lifespan of the battery system.  The system takes into account the individual load profile of the company and offers the possibility for savings by using variable electricity prices. Another possible use case for storage systems is the provision of emergency power.

This makes a battery storage unit a useful component in the individual energy system and completes existing or planned in-house generation or charging infrastructure.

With the ELBE project, the city of Hamburg is devoting itself to one of the greatest challenges of the mobility turnaround: the widespread implementation of electromobility in cities, with simultaneous stability of the supply networks. To achieve this, a systematic and grid-compatible development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is essential. The ELBE project (Electrification of Buildings for Electric Vehicles) is the largest German pilot project for charging infrastructure in residential buildings, commercial properties or commercially used areas (e.g. factory premises, company sites). As a partner in the ELBE project, Digital Energy Solutions, a 100% subsidiary of the Viessmann Group, supports companies in designing their individual digital energy world. This is accomplished by setting up and operating a charging infrastructure, but especially by using battery storage systems to make electricity demand more flexible. As a subsidy recipient, Digital Energy Solutions can grant its customers a discount of up to 40% on the investment of the storage system and charging infrastructure until the subsidy sum is exhausted. The full-service approach also includes the maintenance and operation of the systems.

As funding recipient, Digital Energy Solutions takes care of everything including the funding application – in an individual conversation we will gladly explain the specific opportunities for companies. Please contact us at!

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