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Digital Energy Solutions presents new portfolio of charging solutions

Munich/Berlin, 12.08.2020 – Digital Energy Solutions presents its new portfolio of charging solutions. Pre-defined product packages facilitate the decision-making process and still allow for the adjustment to the individual needs of the customers.

The electrification of vehicle fleets offers great benefits and potentials for companies: Company car drivers are increasingly actively asking for electric cars. Climate targets and ecological orientation of companies require electric mobility as a logical step. And finally, there are also tangible economic advantages if CO2-neutral electric fleets are integrated into the company, and possibly even its energy system.

 However, the economic charging of electrified fleets requires not only modern vehicles but above all an intelligent and robust charging infrastructure. Companies planning the electrification of their company car fleets or the installation of charging infrastructure at their location often find themselves confronted with excessive complexity: Starting with the amount of hardware options, the needs and concerns of employees, and the anxiety of opting today for a solution that ultimately proves not to be future-proof. All too often, the result is that the entry into electromobility is postponed for the time being.

As a full-service provider in the field of charging infrastructure, Digital Energy Solutions operates more than 1,800 charging points in Germany and has been developing intelligent charging solutions since 2016, making the entry into electromobility as easy as possible for companies and company car drivers. Together with his team, Mathias Knauer, head of the Charging Solutions business unit at Digital Energy Solutions, has therefore incorporated the accumulated know-how from over 400 charging infrastructure projects into a radically simplified offering: “We have found that electromobility for fleets essentially has four complexity drivers: Charging at the site, charging at home, evaluating future charging requirements, and carefully preparing the respective site for installation and commissioning”.

Digital Energy Solutions now offers defined complete packages for each of these areas, each of which offers a fixed basic range of services from a single source. The focus is on ‘Business and Fleet Services’ for charging at the company location and ‘Charge@Home’ for charging at the company car user’s home. In addition to consulting and planning, both packages include the installation and billing of the charging solution. Modular add-ons, such as a public charging card, the public or green setting of the charging station, load management, user hotlines and maintenance services, can be added on a modular basis and allow the offer packages to be expanded to meet the individual requirements and circumstances of the company.

Questions regarding the future security of the planned charging solution are answered in advance by LISi, a charging infrastructure simulation software with which future demand can be modelled based on an energy location analysis. Resulting from a detailed report, the proposed ‘Site Concept’ forms a reliable basis for a future-proof entry into electromobility.

In addition, the ‘Pre-Check and Pre-Installation’ solution ensures smooth installation by carefully measuring and analysing the technical conditions on site, thus saving time and money.

Excessive complexity is no longer a reason for companies to postpone their e-volution. With reliable bases for decision-making, standardized products and processes, and careful consulting, the changeover is easier than ever,” summarizes Mathias Knauer.

Further information on the new charging solution product portfolio can be found at



Digital Energy Solutions is a 100% subsidiary of the Viessmann Group. The company has set itself the goal of exploiting the potential of digitalisation for a comprehensive energy turnaround for its customers. Since January 2016, Digital Energy Solutions has therefore been offering holistic solutions for sustainable and cross-sector energy management. The goal: to realize the individual optimum of sustainability, security of supply and economic efficiency for its customers. Based on specially developed IT platforms, Digital Energy Solutions offers a holistic energy management portfolio that sensibly supplements the hardware of the energy turnaround, e.g. battery storage, heat pumps, electric vehicles, and photovoltaic systems. Founded in 2016 as a joint venture with BMW, a further focus lies in the development of complete offers for charging infrastructure and the intelligent management of electric vehicle fleets. Digital Energy Solutions thus enables companies and their employees to make an uncomplicated entry into electromobility and enables them to become active players in the electricity market of the future.

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