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Digitisation is finding its way into the housing industry

Stopping vacancies to cause extra work

  • Digital billing solution for property managers
  • Consistent simplification of the registration and accounting process
  • Registration of general electricity and vacant apartments only once – and paperless
  • Consolidated accounting (general electricity and energy supply for vacant apartments)
  • Reliable supply of 100% green electricity
Time-consuming processes simplified to the max

The management of general electricity and above all vacant apartments is a necessary but time-consuming and paper-intensive evil for property management companies, which ties up a lot of capacity in day-to-day business. Together with ARES ad hoc real estate GmbH in Gera, Digital Energy Solutions has developed two product solutions especially for property management companies.

Vacancy without idling: STROM Leerstand

With STROM Leerstand, a 100% green electricity product from Digital Energy Solutions, the registration and billing process for vacant apartments is simplified to a maximum. With the sending of the move-in or move-out report to Digital Energy Solutions, the property management issue is already done: The processing of the report, the master data creation and the registration of the point of consumption is automated via the DES platform. Constant instalment payments reduce the administrative effort to an absolute minimum and are automatically settled with the respective final bill. The time-consuming registration and deregistration of the apartment or coordination with the basic supplier is no longer necessary – and thus avoidable vacancy costs.

Many meters – one contract: AllgemeinSTROM

With AllgemeinSTROM, Digital Energy Solutions is expanding its range of products for the real estate industry with a low-cost and fully digitized green electricity product, which also requires only a one-time action for the property manager. AllgemeinSTROM bundles the current-side contracts of the general electricity meter (e.g. for the lighting of the staircase and basement area as well as the operating current of the lift) for uncomplicated management and billing.

Supply management of the future against complexity and intransparency

In order to further simplify the provision of contract data, Ron Sem from ARES GmbH is planning to deliver a mobile device within the scope of supply management at the beginning of 2021: “We currently look after around 15,000 residential units for our customers in the real estate industry and see unnecessary complications and lack of transparency every day. A standardized takeover process with a mobile device preconfigured by us will be a further process facilitation that we can offer our customers here. This will make digital apartment handovers/acceptances and the subsequent reporting processes significantly more efficient and easier”.

About ARES ad hoc real estate services GmbH

 ARES ad hoc real estate services GmbH has been part of the ad hoc Group in Gera since 2019. As a solution partner for the real estate industry, ARES offers the optimization and support of processes that unnecessarily tie up capacity in the day-to-day business of real estate managers and distract them from their actual core competencies. The ARES portfolio not only includes all the elementary components of the housing industry, but also innovative service models with which the degree of digitization on the customer side can be increased. Customers and partners benefit above all from ARES’ many years of experience as a service provider for a wide range of energy suppliers. More at

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