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Groundbreaking of Combined Power Plant in Haßfurt

Stadtwerk Haßfurt and Digital Energy Solutions start PV large-scale storage project in Haßfurt’s industrial estate “East”

  • Groundbreaking ceremony for a combined renewable power plant with 750 kWp PV system and 2 MWh/2MW large storage tank
  • PV electricity for commercial consumption within immediate vicinity, peak shaving and time-variable electricity tariffs
  • Combination of different applications to maximize the use of the power plant is achieved by means of proprietary energy management software developed by Digital Energy Solutions

Following careful planning and preparations, the ground-breaking ceremony for the new Haßfurt combined cycle power plant took place on 20 April 2020 in the presence of project manager Christopher Schneider and managing director Norbert Zösch.
Stadtwerk Hassfurt GmbH is implementing an energy turnaround project on a new scale. Within the industrial estate “Ost” in the north of Haßfurt by summer, a 750 kWp PV open-space plant will be erected here and supplemented by a 2 MWh/2MW mass-storage facility with the power of 52 BMW i3 battery packs. The combined power plant will supply sustainable PV electricity to medium-sized and larger commercial consumers in the immediate vicinity.
In addition, the power storage unit absorbs surplus PV power and thus contributes to increasing the own consumption rate. In order to further optimise storage utilisation, it ensures that peak loads are reduced and – depending on time-variable electricity tariffs – is loaded in a way that makes economic sense.

Optimisation of the combined cycle power plant with concrete benefits for all parties involved
In order to enable the combination of applications reliably and in parallel, an energy management system developed in-house by Digital Energy Solutions is used. Based on generation, consumption and price forecasts, it provides optimized operating conditions for the large storage facility. Thus, the ideal use of the storage facility’s capacity is always safeguarded. The financial benefit from the optimised operation will be passed on to the commercial electricity consumers by guaranteeing a competitive electricity price. “We are convinced that 100% renewable energies is possible in a cost-covering way already today. In addition to technical feasibility, the cooperation of all parties involved in the energy turnaround is of importance. That is why we want to share tangible financial benefits with the electricity customers of our new combined cycle power plant, in addition to a good feeling,” says Norbert Zösch, Managing Director of Stadtwerk Hassfurt GmbH, summarising the motivation for “revenue sharing”. René Zerwes, development engineer at Digital Energy Solutions, adds: “Such a concept is predestined for a clean energy supply in industrial estates and makes business locations in cities and communities more attractive”.

Central requirement: Maximum flexibility – future-proof
For the Hassfurt municipal utility, one thing was particularly important when designing the power plant: “We knew from the very beginning that the project had special requirements in terms of flexibility and future-proofing. The energy management software can be further adapted during the current project, thus taking into account the constantly changing market conditions as well as regulatory requirements”. Digital Energy Solutions was already intensively involved in the modelling as well as the project development and planning during the conception of the innovative combined cycle plant. As EPC (general contractor), the company, which is based in Munich and Berlin, is now also responsible for the construction of the plant components and the provision of the software, and subsequently ensures the technical operation of the entire system.
Initial commissioning is scheduled for the beginning of Q3/2020.

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