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Customers with load-registered metering tariff ‘Index Spot’ benefit from the product’s flexibility during the Corona crisis


Those who concluded the rlmSTROM Index Spot tariff with Digital Energy Solutions did not have to worry about bindingly purchased electricity quantities and electricity prices during a turbulent period.

rlmSTROM Index Spot is a 100% green electricity product especially for load-registered electricity customers with a very simple billing model: only the amount that the electricity costs at the power exchange market at the time of consumption is paid. The contractual partner pays the respective electricity price on the exchange with a fixed handling fee, accurate to the quarter of an hour. This means that rlmSTROM Index Spot does not have any risk surcharges, complicated billing models, take-or-pay clauses nor long binding periods.  And those who have the technical possibilities can also profit from low stock exchange prices through active load shifting.

In the first few months of the corona crisis, the product was able to fully exploit its strengths: The performance-based customers of Digital Energy Solutions benefited from the lower procurement costs on the stock exchange and, even with in some cases significantly lower consumption, only paid for what was delivered.

Florian Müller, Head of Energy Market Solutions at Digital Energy Solutions: ‘There is great interest, especially from customers with their own generation facilities. But it is not only partners and customers who see the advantages of our spot price-based product; we are also currently benefiting from the crisis-proof design of the product. We are thus spared problems with procured quantities. Regarding the uncertainty of the upcoming months, rlmSTROM Index Spot is a simple, fair and attractive product.’

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