Being one step ahead of the time.

All energy sectors are in a constant flux and the energy revolution is increasingly becoming our new reality day after day. The phase-out of nuclear energy and the shift from fossil fuels to renewables is a sure-shot trend. As a consequence, the share of renewable energies will increase all the time. Customers, employees, politics and society – the entire corporate environment will be rooting for the implementation of this trend. All industry sectors will be facing challenges arising from a new understanding of values and technological developments. Our business perspective is to think of the ‘future’ now, be one step ahead of the time, and set new priorities: Next things first.

After all, that is the right and reasonable way to go forward – both a thrill and a challenge and a cornucopia of opportunities. Although we cannot give a one hundred percent reliable forecast, our goal is to offer our customers a head start and to generate a competitive edge – based on efficient energy management, sustainable solutions, and smart user concepts.

Innovation based on tradition – made in Germany.

Innovation based on tradition – made in Germany.

We are pooling experts and know-how at our Munich and Berlin locations with a view to rethinking electricity, heat and mobility. Right along the lines of: what belongs together will be growing together. Everything is interconnected by innovative software solutions, smart systems, superior components, and excellent consulting expertise. Leading the way in innovation is a day-to-day challenge we have embraced for decades.

Still, we don’t know with absolute certainty what will happen tomorrow and beyond. But our experience, courage and determination will help us take the right next step tomorrow: by investing in the future to provide the best energy supply that innovative businesses in Germany and Europe could wish for.

Our products and solution competencies

Digital Energy Solutions and their partners and expert teams are merging their product and solution competencies across all energy sectors. Based on our portfolio of consulting services, software solutions and hardware, we take a customized approach to specifically address your requirements. Our portfolio in the categories digital energy supply, charging- and storage-solutions, energy production  and electricity products are consistently evolving.