Finding the optimum for your energy system

To the same extent that companies are focusing on digital production processes and electromobility, their electricity consumption is also increasing. All too often, this can be seen in electricity costs, while internal processes rarely allow for consistent monitoring and optimisation.

Digital Energy Solutions has set itself the goal of supporting companies in the economical and ecological optimisation of their energy system. We are at your side from the initial consultation to construction and active management of your system.

What we promise

  • Minimisation of electricity costs: more own generation, less load peaks, less electricity purchased

  • Maximum use of renewable energies & thus climate protection

  • Turnkey access to the latest technologies

  • Independence & long-term planning of electricity costs

  • Flexibility through the active use of battery storage

From initial consultation to active management at your side

  • Turnkey PV and storage systems

    Turnkey PV and storage systems

    • Initial consultation and location analysis
    • Potential analysis
    • Calculation of economic efficiency
    • Project approval
    • Purchase of components
    • Installation of the photovoltaic system or battery storage system
    • Project completion and turnkey handover
  • Active energy management

    Active energy management

    • Ensuring optimal system use
    • Consideration of all relevant influencing factors: weather forecast, electricity price development, production load curve, expected charging processes etc.
    • Loading & unloading the battery storage according to current schedules
    • Combination of different applications & objectives
      – Maximisation of own consumption
      – Peak Shaving
      – Network services
    • Ensuring emergency power gateway for the integration of further system components (e.g. CHP)
  • Securing your investment decision: The Case Calculator

    Securing your investment decision: The Case Calculator

    Would you like to optimise your energy consumption? Avoid expensive load peaks? Limit grid purchases or market your PV production directly? Take a look into your energy future – with Digital Energy Solutions’ Case Calculator. This specially developed software tool enables the specific evaluation and optimisation of energy technology and economic decision-making options. To this end, the Case Calculator evaluates investments in different generation, consumption and storage constellations with regard to various management scenarios. The result is an individual report with the potentials and economic efficiency of the scenarios over time.

    Thus helping you to find the optimum design of your energy system and safeguarding your investment decisions.

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