Invest in your future as a self-sufficient energy supplier. Customize your photovoltaic system. Use our smart services.

Generating energy from your photovoltaic system is an extremely profitable investment. Over the past years, photovoltaic systems have become much more efficient and affordable. As an operator of photovoltaic systems, you are making a long-term investment and are becoming less dependent on fossil fuels, for instance, for heating and generating service water or charging hybrid and electric vehicles.

We are your one-stop solution provider for your photovoltaic project. Supported by our experienced and professional partners, we provide the perfect choice of components to make sure your photovoltaic system permanently generates maximum yields and perfectly integrates into your overall energy system. We will also perform direct marketing activities for excess electricity you don’t need.


Invest in generating your electricity and benefit from:

  • Reducing your external electricity costs

  • Increasing your independence from electricity suppliers and fossil fuels

  • Reducing CO2 emissions

  • Building a positive image due to sustainable energy generation

  • Longtime, secure and profitable investment

We support the implementation of your photovoltaic system:

We support all relevant steps – from first consultation to the turnkey delivery of your photovoltaic system. We coordinate all partner activities and are your main contact throughout the project.

During the consulting and planning phase, we mainly focus on choosing the right site. Our project team of technical and commercial specialists supports the project development stage. We set and implement key milestones like the conclusion of lease agreements or obtaining feed-in permits from energy suppliers. The technical planning of your photovoltaic system considers all onsite conditions like the construction of the building and network connection capacity.

Following an analysis of the potential and profitability of the project and its approval based on the final design, we will purchase components and install the system. Our project partners draw on many years of experience from large-scale photovoltaic projects and will complete your project quickly and smoothly.

Components used:

  • Photovoltaic modules

    Photovoltaic modules

    • High-quality modules like Viessmann’s Vitovolt or modules from other renowned manufacturers
    • Monocrystalline or polycrystalline modules with capacities between 270 and 300 Wp
    • Performance guarantee of up to 25 years
    • Fast installation thanks to plugin solutions
    • Integrated high-yield bypass diodes even on partially shaded areas
    • High quality control based on certifications according to IEC, EWG 89/392 and protection class II
    • Sustainable and efficient recycling
  • Inverters


    • Quality providers like SMA, Fronius and Viessmann
    • Professional onsite manufacturer support
    • Integrated data communication
    • High module efficiency
  • Substructure


    • High-quality substructures, for instance, from Schletter and Viessmann
    • Aluminum or steel substructure depending on the roof type and modules used

Parking, generating, charging – turning your car park into a solar charging station

If you are unable to generate your electricity on the roof, think about the company car park. Our customized solar carport enables the perfect use of the available space and the generation of clean electricity for charging your company, your electric vehicles and your customers’ e-cars.