Installation and commissioning - simple and uncomplicated

Digital Energy Solutions takes care of the professional preparation of your installation site and the commissioning of your charging equipment. We offer our services throughout Germany. Our experience and our network pays off for you especially if you obtain all preparatory measures and the installation from us from one source. In order to keep installation times at your site as short as possible, we coordinate the delivery and arrange appointments with our electricians. All our specialists are trained by the manufacturers across all product types.

All services from one source

  • Pre-Check

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    On-site Pre-Check
    In order to ensure a smooth installation, we check the local installation conditions for you by our experienced service providers. In this way, we ensure technical feasibility, provide cost transparency and create a sound basis for decision-making for a tailor-made solution.




    Remote Pre-Check @Home
    In order to keep this process as simple and fast as possible, we provide your company car driver with a remote pre-check form for the Charge@Home solution to record the conditions on site. The form is conveniently transmitted online and according to a pre-fabricated checklist and pictures. These are then checked and evaluated by our experienced loading infrastructure experts. The results help us to make a quick and clear estimate of expenditure, such as required cable routes, the definition of the desired installation location and the type of installation (wall/floor).


  • Pre-Installation / Installation

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    The preparation of the installation site (pre-installation work) and commissioning of the charging station is handled by our trained experts. Of course, all legal and safety requirements are taken into account to ensure smooth operation. In the case of networked charging infrastructure, the connection to the back end is also carried out by the technician, so that the charging station is immediately ready for operation.

    In order to guarantee the same standard of all service providers, the same prices and processes nationwide, the pre-installation and commissioning is carried out according to proven installation packages, depending on the local conditions.