Sustainable load management is a top management priority

After installing several charging stations for electric vehicles, authorized BMW dealer Widmann und Winterholler is implementing Digital Energy Solutions‘ Energy Monitor to strike the perfect balance between the triangle of cost control, security of supply and sustainability in energy management.

„Implementing digital load management technology enables us to control costs and ensure the security of supply across all business sites.“

Andreas Hagenreiner
Managing Director Widmann + Winterholler

Project overview

  • Implementation and initial operation of charging solutions for electric vehicles and dynamic load management

  • Implementation at the Dachau, Fürstenfeldbruck, Herrsching, Weilheim, Farchant, Füssen, Kaufbeuren sites in 2018

  • Customer centricity is a top priority in implementing electric charging solutions

  • Public charging stations at car parks enable customers and prospects to fast-charge their electric vehicles

  • Energy Monitor provides an overview of all charging transactions across all sites

  • Dynamic load management ensures the full utilization of the network connection capacity

Customer centricity is a top management priority

Customer centricity is paramount to authorized BMW dealer Widmann + Winterholler and naturally comprises services and consulting, especially for electric vehicles. Widmann + Winterholler was presented the 2017 BMW Award for car dealer with the most satisfied customers in Germany.

Fast and comfortable loading on the customer parking lot

BMW customer and visitor vehicles as well as customers with third-party manufacturers can load at the publicly available charging stations at Widmann + Winterholler. The charging stations can be found in public charging networks, e.g. ChargeNow.

Complete service for BMW electric vehicles

Of course, customers and interested parties not only receive competent advice, but also all service lines for electric vehicles. In the workshop at BMW Widmann + Winterholler charging stations are accordingly also mounted to load the vehicle batteries.

The Energy Monitor provides an overview of all charging processes

Base load, frequency of charging stations, electricity costs – these and many other parameters are available with the Energy Monitor for all charging devices. Comparisons with other locations can also track down irregularities, thereby reducing costs and improving service to customers.

More project information

  • Detailed report

    Widmann und Winterholler Gruppe employs about 280 people at seven business sites in Upper Bavaria and the Allgäu region. They were presented the 2017 BMW Award for car dealer with the most satisfied customers in Germany. Taking a quick look at their website reveals why: in addition to standard contact data they offer a “hotline straight to the boss” and an “email for communicating with the boss”: managing directors Andreas Hagenreiner and Erwin Winterholler invite customers to communicate directly with them. This customer-centric corporate philosophy is also reflected in the provision of electric charging stations across all sites. Andreas Hagenreiner summarizes the strategy: “Due to changes in the distribution of BMW i vehicles, we are able to provide customers and prospects with electric cars across all sites – it’s therefore logical to install the required charging infrastructure as well. Our charging stations are open to the public to increase interest in our electric cars among charging customers driving other brands.”

    Extensive charging infrastructure network across Bavaria

    Digital Energy Solutions has installed Eluminocity and Schneider Electric P2 double chargers at Widmann und Winterholler’s customer car parks in Dachau and Fürstenfeldbruck. The public charging service is very popular. The locations of the charging stations are displayed on car navigation systems, charging infrastructure platforms like Intercharge, Chargemap, and on charging cards from providers like ChargeNow. The charging stations are also included in the ‘Ladeatlas Bayern’ because Widmann und Winterholler is a participant of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs’ program for implementing a charging infrastructure network across Bavaria. Widmann und Winterholler Gruppe is now planning to install charging stations at five more sites.

    Energy Monitor ensures control over costs and security of supply

    The increasing number of charging transactions has caused new challenges in energy management which Andreas Hagenreiner is ready to tackle: “There’s always this risk of ‘uncontrolled’ charging which may result in increased peak loads and that’s why we need smart and dynamic load management. By implementing Digital Energy Solutions’ Energy Monitor we have created the basis for innovative energy management. Energy Monitor delivers detailed insights into load profiles, enabling us to control charging capacity and real-time onsite consumption of the charging stations, and ultimately reduce costs.“  At the same time, Widmann und Winterholler uses the entire network connection capacity of the buildings as part of the charging cluster and avoids restrictions on charging capacity for enhanced charging convenience for employees and customers.

    Dynamic load management for maximum charging capacity

    In order to operate the charging solutions across all sites without increasing the network connection capacity, Widmann und Winterholler Gruppe uses Digital Energy Solutions’ Dynamic Load Management concept. Andreas Hagenreiner is amazed by the benefits: “The innovative energy concept enables us to offset the critical time in the morning between eight and eight thirty, when systems in the workshops, offices and salesrooms are started, without having to invest in the costly expansion of network connection capacity.“

    Hagenreiner is fully confident about the future of e-mobility and has made it a top priority. Digital Energy Solutions is the perfect partner to support all energy management aspects by providing customized solutions: “Digital load management ensures the permanent control of costs and security of supply across all sites, because charging capacity adjusts automatically and the total electricity load never exceeds.”

Spanner Re2 pilot project

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