The “e-altmuehltal” e-car fleet ensures sustainable tourism in the area’s nature park.

Amazing natural wonders in Altmühltal nature park are drawing visitors’ attention to ecological relationships. Hotel manager Josef Geyer developed the perfect ecomobility concept for the tourist region: e-carsharing. Digital Energy Solutions has supported the implementation of this ambitious project.

“We were on the same wavelength right from the start. The uncomplicated and straightforward way we communicated was great.“

Josef Geyer, Hotel Manager
Founder of “e-altmuehltal"

Overview of the e-altmuehltal project

  • Innovative mobility features – e-carsharing is part of the tourism infrastructure

  • Customized design and implementation of the charging solution

  • Smart management, optimum cost/value ratio and maximum transparency

  • e-altmuehlthal is a public charging network

  • Minimum complexity for the operator through innovative billing services

  • Successive expansion into a multi-site system

Electric charging at attractive sites

Arnsberg castle is located in the heart of Altmühltal. Time travelers and people seeking relaxation get access to state-of-the-art charging infrastructure and sustainable mobility thanks to the “e-altmuehltal“ public e-carsharing concept.

High-performance charging stations

We will select the best charging hardware to suit the requirements of each site. Since February 2018, 15 charging stations have been installed while another eleven are currently in planning for six more sites.

Electric charging for everyone in the Altmühltal

Not only the e-fleet of the Car-Sharing Initiative e-altmuehltal can use the public charging stations of Josef Geyer, but every electric car can recharge there.

Innovation in Mobility - E-Car-Sharing

Electric mobility itself is already progressive – combined with a car-sharing concept, promotion of tourism and offering public charging stations, it is getting a real innovation.

BMW i3 is the vehicle of choice in the Altmühltal

When planning and implementing the e-car fleet as part of the e-altmuehltal initiative, the choice fell on the i3 model from BMW.

More detailed information about the project

  • Detailed report

    Geotopes with stunning rock formations and mysterious caves, dry grassland landscapes, wet meadows, extensive mixed forests and rare juniper heathland are fascinating attractions for visitors coming to Altmühltal nature park. The discovery of fossils of famous Archaeopteryx, a primeval bird which lived in the region about 150 million years ago, has been of huge significance. The region around “Bavaria’s geographical center” offers nature trails, hiking paths, bike and boat trails, fossil quarries for amateur collectors, but also convention and training centers on almost 3,000 square kilometers. Treasure hunters, time travelers and people seeking relaxation travel even longer distances in this region, in totally sustainable and resource-conserving style: part of the tourism infrastructure of hotels and restaurants is the great innovation in mobility: the “e-altmuehltal“ public e-carsharing project. Hotel manager Josef Geyer founded the project in 2016 with two BMW i3 cars in Pfahldorf and Eichstätt.

    On the same wavelength right from the start

    Josef Geyer fondly remembers his first contact with Digital Energy Solutions in late 2015: “When we established the e-carsharing network, we initially teamed up with Alphabet Fuhrparkmanagement GmbH who recommended their newly founded partner company Digital Energy Solutions for the initial design and implementation of our charging solution. We were on the same wavelength with Digital Energy Solutions from “startup” to “startup” right from the beginning – after all, we were established almost on the same day! We were so excited, we developed the best smart management concept, figured out the perfect cost/value ratio and optimum transparency for handling our charging infrastructure.“

    As a first step, Digital Energy Solutions identified the charging solution capacity and selected Schneider Electric charging stations from a large range of renowned charging infrastructure manufacturers to best suit the specific requirements of Altmühltal’s e-carsharing network. Digital Energy Solutions’ technology experts installed the hardware, combined the connected loading infrastructure with the backend, and made the ready-to-use charging solution available to the customer.

    Easy-to-use billing system

    Everyone can use the charging stations of Josef Geyer’s public charging network “e-altmuehltal” in the nature park region to charge their e-car. The billing concept was designed by Digital Energy Solutions and reduces complexity to a minimum: “Digital Energy Solutions‘ expertise in the billing of different charging transactions was very important when we came to selecting the charging infrastructure partner. We receive a transparent monthly statement showing all charging transactions made by our e-cars during e-carsharing. However, additional public charging transactions at charging stations are being billed directly to the consumers by Digital Energy Solutions.“ Environmentally conscious visitors to Altmühltal’s nature park can book the e-altmuehltal e-car for an hourly rate of €7.90, including mileage and electricity charges, at all charging stations.

    Collaboration – “perfect from start to finish!“

    Together with Digital Energy Solutions, Josef Geyer is planning to expand the network and is currently negotiating with local authorities, many businesses, and, of course, the Altmühltal hotel industry. Since February 2018, 15 charging stations have been installed and another eleven are planned at six sites. The site-based e-carsharing project will evolve step by step into a multi-site system so that users of electric vehicles will have greater flexibility in planning their tours through the nature park. Josef Geyer is thrilled by the collaboration with Digital Energy Solutions’ team: “We have worked together on a highly professional and totally constructive level. The way we communicated was great right from the start. My feedback today is nothing but positive: from consulting to technical implementation – it all worked out perfectly well from start to finish!“