Digital Energy Solutions supports Deutsche Telekom in their entry into the electricity market by providing the company’s energy enabler platform.

The convergence and digitalization of the energy markets of electricity, heat and mobility are giving rise to new stakeholders who apply new business models. Recently, Deutsche Telekom has started to investigate entering the electricity market. After initiating several projects in the energy sector, notably in smart metering, Deutsche Telekom decided in early 2017 to act as an independent brand and to offer their product portfolio to the electricity market. Following the decision to create a white label on Digital Energy Solutions’ enabler platform, Telekom has been operating as an electricity provider since August 2017.

In addition to the technical implementation of Telekom’s electricity portfolio, Digital Energy Solutions will be contributing specifically their energy management expertise and know-how. Best practices and a broad energy portfolio will facilitate product concepts aimed at the flexible implementation of hybrid products, i.e., combinations of telecommunications and electricity products.

“…Deutsche Telekom is more than an infrastructures provider for society … To empower people and make their lives easier – that is our mission … We identify new products and their opportunities early on, so that we can develop them together with our partners.“

From demand to supply – Telekom’s road to becoming an electricity provider:

  • Definition of product requirements, price positioning, definition of design and requirements for brand identity and user experience by Telekom

  • Establishment of market processes, adaptation of customer and market partner communications (cover letters, website etc.), modification of the checkout process, including underlying processes according to Telekom standards

  • Implementing the management of prospects, market partners and customers

  • Implementing additional products, integration of tracking tools, integration of additional sales channels

  • Implementing the sales concept and promotional activities (Telekom)

  • Ongoing shared evaluation of the sales outcome, tracking, and customer feedback

  • Ongoing optimization of the price, product and sales strategy as well as processes

Potentials and opportunities of Telekom’s white label portfolio

  • Use of all customer touchpoints and available cross-selling potentials

  • Low-cost scalability achieved through a high degree of automation

  • System flexibility enabling agile product development and short-term product tests

  • Expansion of the innovative energy product portfolio