Plan and decide with certainty

Take a look into the future with LISi.

LISi is at the heart of our consulting services for on-site charging infrastructure and forecasts the upcoming charging requirements in the form of an automated calculation. With the aid of our charging infrastructure simulator (LISi) we evaluate your specific site data and forecast the anticipated charging requirements for the coming years. In this way you have a solid basis for an investment decision for the future.

See what is needed

Based on the results of the calculations, we will give you recommendations on how many charging points you need to install per year to cover the upcoming charging requirements. Your site-specific data are the input data for our stochastic model and result in a demand planning optimized to your requirements.

Holistic thinking and planning

Beyond the pure charging requirement, LISi also looks at your energy conditions such as grid connection capacity and analyses your general electricity consumption data. In this way your charging requirements can be optimally integrated into your energy system.

Making well-founded decisions with certainty

The result of the simulation is a summarized report as well as an individual consultation for your individual site concept. This gives you the certainty of making the right decisions for your e-volution.

Prepared for what is coming

By simulating your e-mobile future, you avoid the risk of unexpectedly high costs or incorrectly dimensioned charging infrastructure. You are reliably future-proof and intelligently prepared for electromobility at your location.

Frequently asked questions

  • Does my site even meet the energy requirements for the development of charging infrastructure?

    This question is answered by our energetic location analysis. Here we first look at the existing energy system and provide answers based on your current and future consumption data as well as the grid connection capacity.

  • I know my energy situation, but how do I find out how the demand for charging facilities at my location will develop?

    The demand analysis with the charging infrastructure simulator models your specific data into the future and produces an individual demand forecast for your location. In this way, you know how much charging infrastructure will be required at your site in the next few years and which charging hardware is best suited to cover the demand.

  • I would like to expand my charging infrastructure. What is the capacity of my grid connection and how can we implement this intelligently and future-proof?

    Opt for our complete package of energy site analysis and charging infrastructure simulation, which gives you security with regard to your site conditions and creates a well-founded site concept for the demand-oriented construction of charging stations.