The modular process for more energy flexibility.

Our motivation is to support small and medium-sized businesses on their way to a viable energy supply. Thanks to our IT-based solutions and manufacturer-independent product portfolio, customers will increasingly benefit from a sustainable and flexible energy supply. Our modular process steps help you gather reliable data right now, to make smart and even daring decisions tomorrow. We ensure transparency, and we help identify optimizations and savings potential, thanks to our in-house developed software tools. Where do we waste energy? When do I get the best price for energy? Where do peak loads occur and how can they be avoided?

Digital analysis options help you identify your status quo – without leaving you in the dark. At the same time, they allow you to draw the right conclusions and to benefit from sustainable planning. Our experts will advise you on how to exploit synergy effects by linking the energy sectors of electricity, heat and mobility. How do I generate my own energy in order to become self-sufficient? How do I use my charging solutions and storage technology to increase consumption? What are the benefits of cross-location networking and networking with regional partners?

1. Transparency and analysis
Digital Energy Solutions‘ product portfolio connects the energy sectors of heat, electricity and mobility. It is based on the IT-supported analysis of the energy system.

2. Local optimization
By building on transparency and analysis, businesses can optimize their energy systems, optionally by integrating charging solutions for e-vehicles and components for generating and storing energy.

3. Connected optimization
As a third step, businesses can connect with other energy producers and consumers and capitalize on their energy flexibility.

Our products and solution competencies

Digital Energy Solutions and their partners and expert teams are merging their product and solution competencies across all energy sectors. Based on our portfolio of consulting services, software solutions and hardware, we take a customized approach to specifically address your requirements. Our portfolio in the categories digital energy supply, charging- and storage-solutions, energy production  and electricity products are consistently evolving.